Is Fabregas as good as gone?!

I have been thinking about this since the beginning of the season. Is Fabregas as good as gone?

He has managed to show terrific commitment and a great maturity thus far, but is there any chance at all that he will stay?

I think it is more a case of – can anyone afford him?

There are only a few clubs in the world that could pay his transfer fee. Barcelona are struggling financially and can’t afford to keep spending like they have previously done.

Which leads me on to the more important question – if Barcelona can’t afford to stump up the cash at the end of the season and another team can, will he go to someone else?!

He has always stated that he wants to join Barca as they are his boyhood team. It would be interesting to see what he would do if Real Madrid or  Inter/AC Milan offered him the opportunity of joining them.

Is Barca the only team he would join?! What do you think?!

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13 Responses to Is Fabregas as good as gone?!

  1. Gaj says:

    he will definitely not leave for another club. its either barcelona or arsenal. i have a feeling cesc will stay at arsenal for another 1-2 seasons after this one.

  2. Gary says:

    One or more trophies will probably see Fabregas stay. Barcelona won’t have the money and why would he go anywhere else, I mean who is a dominant force in World football at this moment and guarantees trophies …….
    The big factor is will Wenger bolster the squad with a top keeper, surely thats all we are really lacking. Stekelenberg from Ajax would be my choice.

  3. TheGooner says:

    im not sure didnt he say once that he would join real madrid? hope he stays and if he does go i really cant blame him if we dont get a trophy this year or improve the squad.

  4. elboy says:

    should we replace fab with rooney as we will still have rambo wilshere nasri and slighty adapt our style

    fab is having an affair with barcalona so he must go if his heart aint in it, even though he is full of quality i believe the saga has effected the player more than people realise

  5. Samuel says:

    Firstly Barcelona are 400 million Euros in debt thanks to their buying the cream of the crop of international football players .Secondly the debt can only increase ,like Trash.United if the interest alone isn,t paid back on time and in the right amount.Thirdly where will Cesc play in Barca,s midfield as Iniesta,Xavi are the two incumbents right now ,with Messi and David Villa the two main strikers,who,s going to vacate his position for Cesc as he won,t fancy warming the bench even with his huge pay packet ?

  6. MikE says:

    alas he’ll move on. but we will hold out for at least £50m less his 5%.

    shame. enjoy whilst we can.

    he is an arsenal legend already.

  7. gaagamel says:

    He is more confused than WENGER

  8. gaagamel says:

    I believe he watched Hleb at the Emirates better be careful

  9. eve says:

    cesc loves arsenal, he will leave us only for barca, and as for us getting rooney, wash your mouth out wouldnt want to see that shit playing for a great team as ours.

  10. Ahmad Guns says:

    Staying might just be d upshun 4 him right now.cos if he leaves he’ll definitely see more of d bench than d pitch.i hope he stays!

  11. Davepain says:

    He’ll only go to barcelona. They can’t afford him and he knows that. In my opinion he should forget about leaving for barca and concentrate on winning us a few trophies. I think we can get a trophy this year, probably not the league title but we’re looking good in Europe and It’s only us and Man Utd left in the League Cup (don’t say mickey mouse cup, a trophy is a trophy, and we’re not in a position to be picky at the moment)

  12. gulp says:

    It is not really up to him is it? He asked wenger this summer, AW was empathetic but said clearly and sternly NO CHANCE! so he had to live with that. I cant see him having more barging rights this summer, can you ? He came out public saying he wanted to leave, he said to aw he wanted to leave. Everyone understood his desires but yet said no cos his work in Arsenal is not done yet.

    I doubt Cesc leaves unless we have sufficient cover. That said. With wilsire and Ramsey now coming on. i bet he stays for 2011-2012, then wishire and ramsey are mature enough to take over. He will get his reward wich is a move to barca and it wont matter cos we got his replacement ready…

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